The care model is developed from the perspective of comprehensive, continued and coordinated attention. This focus of attention combines two substantial characteristics:

  • All-round care combines the aspects related to illness with those related to how the patient experiences the situation, attempting to understand the person in a comprehensive manner within their context.
  • Care focussed on the person tries to goe beyond the need-oriented attention, in an attempt to stimulate and provide the necessary support so that the patient can participate actively in their care process and attain their life project. This focus seeks the development of a more horizontal professional-patient relationship, which supports the patient so that they can make their own decisions, respecting their preferences, their identity and their way of life. This is a form of understanding the care relationship based on empowering the patient.

Highlights of the characteristics of this model:

  • Its core focus is the recognition of the person’s dignity.
  • It shines a spotlight on the capacities and abilities of the person.
  • People are seen within their surroundings.
  • Response to needs, based on shared responsibilities and personal commitment.
  • The services are adapted to the person.
  • Services based on listening to people’s preferences and wishes and recognising their right to self-determination.

These characteristics are implemented step by step in the everyday care and attention provided: in reception, in protection of privacy, in organisational or procedural flexibility and in the spaces and equipment, bearing in mind at all times the intrinsic dignity of any human being, respect for their uniqueness, the personalisation of care, and the safety and respect and promotion of their autonomy.

To achieve this, we try to incorporate in the practice an attitude of concern for the individual, sensitivity to their vulnerability and understanding of their suffering, and a work method is promoted that comprehends the person in their surroundings, is clear in terms of the ends pursued and prioritises the objectives that are necessary to attain them.

A continued, progressive, rehabilitating model of care that limits incapacity, and one that is coherent with our values and close to our mode of practice, recognises that it is only through collaborative, interdisciplinary practice that an integral care response can be provided. For this reason, as well as contemplating the mission inherent in each discipline, it takes into account he collaborative role of all the health professionals.

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