At Mallorca Sport Medicine we help you regain your physical shape and your competitive level and go back to practising sports in a similar state to the one you were in prior to your injury. If you practise sport assiduously and want to train in optimal physical conditions again, recovering from your injury and preventing further injuries, Mallorca sport Medicine is your ally.

The time between when a sportsperson is medically cured until that person can return to practising sport can be an abyss. This is where the sports therapist comes in, with specific physical preparation plans seeking to return 100% capacity to the affected anatomical area.

The readaptation goals are:

  • To progressively integrate the sports gesture into the functional abilities attained previously.
  • Extra strengthening in anatomy and biomechanics enabling us to develop the activity with maximum efficiency.
  • To minimise the loss of other aptitudes of the sportsperson, unconnected to the injury, during the readaptation period.
  • To place the sportsperson at the maximum level of development of his or her sport.


  • Sports-medical evaluation (ultrasound study if required)
  • Physiotherapy
  • Sports readaptation. A number of sessions will be held, as deemed necessary depending on the seriousness of the injury, and at the same time, both the physiotherapist and the sports therapist are in continuous contact to closely monitor your evolution.


Professional or amateur sportspeople who have suffered a musculoskeletal injury and/or people who are in the process of recovering from their injury, hoping for an early return to their sports activity.

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